Frequently​ Asked Questions...

Why go with custom embroidery?
There are numerous benefits to purchasing custom designed and embroidered items mostly because the possibilities are endless.  Unlike retail, we at Elegant Treasures will work with you to see your idea through from its inception to the finished product. 
What if I have an idea but no design?
Not to worry.  The designers at Elegant Treasures can take your idea and assist you in translating it into a design. 
What if I already have a design?
We are equipment with state of the art programs that enable our talented designers to take your logo or design and digitize the image for embroidery.
Will the digitized image look just like my original artwork?
Yes.  We do our best to match the original image; matching the colors as closely as possible. 
What types of items can be embroidered?
We're able to embroider on just about anything: shirts, pants, jackets, hats, sweats, towels, sheets and pillowcases, and bags, just to start.
What are the different types of files people can bring to be digitized?
Vector (.ai,.cdr), PDF, .Jpeg, .bmp, and even hand-drawn sketches can be digitized.
​How do I send the files to Elegant Treasures?
Files can be sent as an attachment via e-mail. 
Can I preview the work?
We can send an electronic file of the digitized design by e-mail or mail a sample, upon request.
Why Setup fee/design fee?
We charge a fee for digitizing your design, unless it is just simple lettering. Please call for information.
Is there an order minimum?
There is no order minimum.
Pick-up and delivery?
Orders may be picked up at our location or shipped to you for additional charge. 
​How do I place an order?
We accept orders through our website, over the phone or via fax. 
​Do you supply items to be embroidered or decorated?
Yes.  We work with several vendors that provide a wide variety of apparel and accessories.
​Is there a charge per thread color used in the design? 
There is no additional charge for the first four colors.  If your design requires more than four colors, an additional 25 cents will be added to the cost of each item.  Any design including metallic colored thread will cost an additional 50 cents per item. 
​How soon can I expect the finished product?
Depending on the size of the order and the complexity of the design, you can expect the finished product within 1- 2 weeks.  
​What types of payment do you take?
​Checks, Cash, Paypal, and all major credit cards. 
Embroidery Care


   When washing your embroidered garment, be aware that the care instructions printed on the garment label do not include the embroidered design.  Special care should be taken in washing embroidered items to protect the stitching from fraying.  It is best to set your machine to gentle cycle and wash in cold water.  If you must use bleach, be sure that it does not contain chlorine.  Dry embroidered items on a low-heat setting.

   Please check the garment tag of the embroidered item for instructions on ironing that specific fabric. The embroidery itself can be ironed, but it must be ironed inside out.  It is best when ironing embroidery to use a pressing cloth in between the item and the iron to further protect the design.

   Embroidered items may be dry cleaned; however, it is recommended to avoid the use of pre-spotting agents.

Rhinestone Apparel  Care  Instructions 


   Elegant Treasures creates a variety of designs in both rhinesone and rhinestud apparel and accessories. It is possible to wash these items in the washing machine, however it is best to hand wash them in a mild detergent.  

 Washing rhinestone and rhinestud apparel items in the washing machine and drying them in the dryer can cause the stones to fall off and/or dull the stones by creating small cracks in them.  

      To preserve the design, rinse the item in warm water with a small amount of mild detergent. Then place in the washing machine on gentle cycle, spin only setting.  This will wring out the water without damaging the fabric. Hang the item to dry after.  

Our Process 


Consultation - Come to us with your idea. An Elegant Treasures employee will meet with you to determine the design, placement, colors, etc. 


Product - We work with multiple wholesalers to find products that fit your needs.  Visit

to get an idea of the items we can put designs on for you. 


Artwork and Samples - Upon request, our designer can send you a proof of the artwork for you to approve prior to production.  Samples can be created for team orders of at least 10 pieces.


Production - We put your design on the selected product in our state-of-the-art studio. 


Delivery -  You may choose to either pick up your order at our shop on E. Kemper Road or have it delivered to you. * Shipping fees may apply.


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